What we offer

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Kapiti Driving School

We specialise in driver training for your car licence (Class 1 Private Motor Vehicle)

Kapiti Driving School offers you personal driving tuition: one-on-one person to person coaching.

Lessons are relaxed and encouraging as you navigate your new driving skills and prepare for your driving test.

You will be driving in a dual control, automatic car. If your car is a ‘manual’, we can do the lesson in your car.

You are welcome to bring someone along – especially your companion driver who will be with you when you practice. Then they will see what the current requirements are and the test standard. We wholeheartedly support parents teaching their children to drive. We can help you with this – to set the standard and unpack the steps to achieve the standard.

Topics we will cover:

  • Pre-drive procedure and basic vehicle control – starting the car, gear changing, using various functions
  • Smooth braking and stopping
  • Using your mirrors and identifying blind-spots
  • Developing a safety zone round your vehicle
  • Intersections / Give Way / Stop rules
  • Hill starts
  • Reversing in a straight line and into a driveway
  • Angle parking and parallel parking
  • Three point turns
  • Safe lane changing practices
  • On and off ramps, and motorway driving
  • Merging with moving traffic
  • Hazard identification and response – this is a key skill in the new Licence tests
  • Preparing for your driving test


Not sure if you are ready to pass your practical test?  Consider booking a package of lessons.

Have you failed your test and lost your confidence?  Book a driver assessment to start.

We can improve your chances of passing your practical test by:

  • Covering all the different requirements of the practical test
  • Pre-test assessment in the official testing area
  • Identifying and correcting driving habits that are critical or immediate errors that can mean failing the test

Note: We encourage you to do your pre-test assessment in the vehicle you will complete your test in. You can hire a Kapiti Driving School car (auto) for your test.