Drive Drive is the NZ government website to prepare you for the various driving tasks at each stage of your driver licence.
Road Code Practice Free test questions for your Learner Licence, covering all the sections of the road code.
eDrive Simulator training to increase confidence with Visual Search, Situation Awareness, Hazard Perception, and Risk Management.  Pay site, top results.  Valuable gift. Excellent investment.
Practical Licence Test Book your Practical Licence Test now online.
New Zealand Transport Agency Government site for information about getting a New Zealand Driver’s Licence. Covers details like Road Code, cost of licences, Fact Sheets about driver training, Booking your Licence Test, and heaps more.
Street Talk Information about the Street Talk Defensive Driving Course. Kapiti Driving School delivers this course regularly for Learners and Restricted drivers, preparing you for your Licence Tests. Go to Kapiti Driving School – Street Talk tab